On July 2, the EAEU Legal Portal published the Decision of the EEC Board No. 77 dated June 29, 2021. By this Decision, the Board made changes to the list of standards to TR CU 020/2011.

We remind you that the technical regulation on the electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment entered into force in February 2013. Most of the products are also low-voltage equipment regulated by TR CU 004/2011.

The new Decision of the EEC approved two lists of standards:

●   standards containing requirements for products (if the manufacturer complies with them, then these technical devices will meet the requirements of technical regulations);

●   standards for testing methods of technical devices, including the rules for sampling (they are applied by the testing laboratory while checking products for compliance with established requirements).

At the same time, by Decision No. 77, the lists of standards established by paragraph 2 of the Decision of the CCC No. 879 of December 9, 2011 have been cancelled (this Decision approved the technical regulation itself and the original editions of the standards to it). The number of standards in the second edition has increased significantly. There are 270 standards for products instead of 242, and for test methods – 318 instead of 275. They are applied 30 days after their official publication.