TR CU 011/2011 On safety of elevators

Technical regulation of the Eurasian Customs Union (TR CU) 011/2011 is a list of standards to ensure safety of elevator structures, their individual components and safety devices used in the territory of EACU member states. The main purpose of the document is to protect people and to ensure the production, supply and sale of elevators in the Eurasian Customs Union territories.
The rise in land prices increases the need for high-rise buildings and the relevance of TR CU 011/2011, whose documentary evidence brings a number of advantages:

  • Saving time, since it is enough to issue one EAC certificate valid on the territory of all EACU member states
  • Image and competitiveness improvement
  • Increase in sales
  • Entering new markets


The technical regulation covers cargo-passenger and other types of elevators with various protective devices – brakes, buffers and counterweights. Confirmation of conformity is mandatory, which is issued in the form of an EAC Certificate.
The regulation does not cover devices equipped with a screw or rack and pinion lifting mechanism, as well as elevator cabins intended for the needs of the complex defense and are involved in:

  1. Coal mines
  2. Ships and other floating means
  3. Offshore drilling platforms
  4. Aeronautical engineering, including airplanes


EAC Certification of elevators and safety devices is carried out according to schemes 1c, 3c, 4c by organizations with appropriate accreditation as follows:

  • Collecting the necessary documentation
  • Testing
  • Test report
  • Execution of a document with registration in the Federal Accreditation Agency (RusAccreditation)

The following information must be included in the EAC Certificate of Conformity:

  1. Type of elevator
  2. Manufacturer
  3. Country of origin
  4. Certain components, including winches, mine door locks, hydraulic safety devices and other devices

Confirmation of compliance with the requirements of the regulation of the assembled before commissioning elevator is carried out directly at the facility according to the 4d scheme, required for EAC Declaration.
The conformity of the elevator having operated the established term, is confirmed by conducting an analysis, based on the results of which a conclusion is drawn up, indicating the possibility of extending the term, replacing it or proposals for its modernization.
Modernization of elevator structures is a series of measures aimed at improving their technical condition to the safety level provided for by TR CU 011/2011.


The safety of elevators is ensured by the fulfilment of a set of requirements of the technical regulations, implying:

  • Complete set with obligatory accompanying documents
  • Inaccessibility of elevator shafts equipment and technical premises for anyone, except for maintenance personnel
  • Protective devices to prevent possible injuries due to contact with moving parts
  • Intended use
  • Maintenance with periodic inspections and repairs
  • Possibility of safe evacuation of passengers in case of emergency
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