TR CU 019/2011 On safety of personal protective equipment

ТR CU 019/2011 “On the safety of personal protective equipment” applies to personal protective equipment, regardless of country of origin, previously not in use (new) and released into circulation in territory of the Customs Union.

ТR CU 019/2011 is designed to establish unified mandatory application and execution of requirements for personal protective equipment on the Customs Union, to ensure the free movement of personal protective equipment.

Certification according to TR CU 019/2011 consists of several stages:

  • Preparation of necessary documentation;
  • Carrying out tests with the preparation of a test report;
  • Professional consultation with the customer during all stages of work;
  • Registration of the certificate for products, which is entered in the RusAccreditation register.

The list of products covered by TR CU 019/2011

  • PPE of individual protection from mechanical factors;
  • PPE of individual protection from chemical factors;
  • PPE of individual protection against radiation factors (external ionizing radiation and radioactive substances);
  • PPE of individual protection against high and (or) low temperatures;
  • PPE of individual protection against the thermal effects of the electric arc, non-ionizing radiation, electric shock, and also from the effects of static electricity, special signaling clothing of increased visibility;
  • comprehensive personal protective equipment;
  • Dermatological PPE.

Registration of this document is mandatory and gives the opportunity to import and sell products in the territory of the Eurasian Customs Union.

EAC marking

After certification of compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations, PPE can be released for sale with the EAC marking. It is a real guarantee of product quality for the buyer, can become a clear advantage for business partners and large wholesale customers. The labeling is shown both on the packaging and product. The presence of the EAC sign indicates that the product is made of materials of good quality that fully meet the environmental requirements, does not have components that can cause injury or other harm to human health.

Important: The Certificate of Conformity of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union can be drawn up both for goods produced by the countries of the Customs Union, and for goods of foreign manufacturers. Requirements for foreign products and products of the Customs Union are the same, and the certification schemes also coincide.

Penalties for non-observance of TR CU 019/2011

Art.Legislative framework of the Administrative CodeFine
14.43Violation by the manufacturer,
executor (the person performing the functions of the foreign manufacturer),
the seller
Penalty for officials – from 200 to 400 Euro;
for legal entities – from 2.000 to 5.500 Euro.
14.44False declaration of conformityPenalty for officials – from 300 to 900 Euro;
for legal entities – from 1.800 to 18.000 Euro.
14.45Violation of the order of products,
subject to mandatory conformity
Penalty for officials – from 400 to 900 Euro;
for legal entities – from 1.800 to 18.200 Euro.
14.46Violation of the order of labeling of products subject to mandatory conformityPenalty for officials – from 200 to 900 Euro;
for legal entities – from 2.000 to 18.000 Euro.
14.47Violation of rules of performance of works on certificationPenalty for officials – from 400 to 900 Euro
or disqualification for a period of 6 months to 3 years;
for legal entities – from 7.000 to 18.000 Euro.
14.48Submission of incorrect testsPenalty for officials – from 600 to 900 Euro
or disqualification for a period of 1 to 3 years;
for legal entities – from 7.000 to 10.000 Euro.

SERCONS is a Certification Body, which is accredited by the Federal Service for Accreditation (RusAccreditation) to carry out work to confirm the compliance of products with respect to the requirements of the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union 019/2011. The efficiency of the provision of services is ensured by the availability of experienced specialists with appropriate qualifications.

We offer the following services

  • All work “on a turn-key basis” with a minimum of your participation, which saves you time
  • An individual manager who will monitor and inform you about the implementation of each stage of work
  • Solving problems of any complexity in short time

Advantages of certification

Certification of conformity according to the technical regulations or state standards provides both manufacturers and sellers with the following advantages:

  • No need for a separate document for each country;
  • A significant reduction in the time required to complete the certification procedure;
  • Acceleration of trade turnover between states, having a positive impact on their economies;
  • A significant increase in sales volume of individual companies and the emergence of prospects for development.

We employ experienced specialists who prepare the necessary package of documents for the issuance of an EAC certificate and/or a declaration themselves. Our experts advise clients on emerging issues at any stage of registration.

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