TR CU 009/2011 On safety of perfumery and cosmetics

Technical regulation of the Eurasian Customs Union (TR CU) 009/2011 is a list of standards to ensure safety of perfumery and cosmetics products in consumer packaging launched in the territory of EACU member states. It also defines the rules for the identification of the variety of articles by the method, place of application and purpose of their use.
The main purpose of the regulation is to ensure the safety of people and the environment, as well as to prevent the possibility of misleading the consumer regarding the purpose and harmlessness of perfume and cosmetics products.


Perfumery and cosmetics products covered by the technical regulation 009/2011 require an EAC Declaration of Conformity. In addition to face and body skin care the following cosmetics is included:

  • UV protection
  • Aroma-imparting and neutralizing unpleasant odor
  • Hair care
  • Shaving
  • Decorative cosmetics etc.


Testing of product samples as part of the EAC Declaration is carried out by accredited laboratories included in the Unified Register of the Eurasian Customs Union. Their implementation is possible:

  1. Through volunteer studies or specially designed models
  2. Using instrumental techniques
  3. Based on scientific evidence

The results obtained are recorded and attached to the EAC Declaration, which helps to protect against unnecessary questions and unlawful fines. Translations of foreign documents are notarized or signed by the contractor, which is accompanied by a copy of the diploma confirming the proper qualifications.
For cosmetic and perfumery products not covered by the regulations, a certificate of state registration (SGR) is issued. It includes products for children, tattooing, artificial tanning, skin and teeth whitening, peeling and other products.
Registration of the TR CU 009/2011 EAC Declaration or the Certificate of State Registration is mandatory. The presence of these documents gives the right to supply and sell perfumery and cosmetic products in the territory of the EACU member states.


  1. 3d – serial production
  2. 4d – one time delivery (batch production)
  3. 6d – serial production subject to the availability of a certified quality management system

The EAC declaration of cosmetics and perfumery is carried out by the manufacturer or supplier according to the standard schemes established by the Decision of the CCC No. 621. The schemes regulate the sequence of procedures and applied test and control methods.


Standards are not limited to ensuring compliance with regulations established by technical regulations. They also define the terminology, research rules, measurement methods and sampling for testing, which are an integral part of the documents certifying product conformity:

    • GOST 29188.0-91 – Methods for organoleptic testing
    • GOST ISO 21149-2013 – detection of aerobic microorganisms
    • GOST ISO 212-2014 – sampling of essential oils

When standards are not applied, the conformity of raw materials and finished products is confirmed based on a risk analysis.

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