Exemption (Refusal) letter to Rostechnadzor

Informational (Exemption/Refusal) Letter to Rostechnadzor (RTN), requested by Federal Inspection authorities/ Russian customs authorities, is one of the services provided by SERCONS at the most reasonable price. We will prepare a request for receiving a document quickly, efficiently and in full accordance with the specifics of your production.

Exemption (Refusal) Letter is the response of Rostechnadzor, confirming the possibility of using specific equipment at a hazardous production facility without RTN permit for use and expertise of the industrial safety. If such permission is required, the refusal letter is not issued.

The updated Federal Act No. 116-FZ of 21.07.1997 (as amended on 15.04.2013) provides for the RTN permit of the use of equipment only in cases where the technical regulations of the Customs Union (TR CU) do not establish a conformity assessment form.

The TR CU also contains lists of technical devices that are subject to mandatory declaration or certification. This confuses the interaction between manufacturers and operating companies with regard to the authorization documentation for the technical devices.


The Explanatory/Refusal Letter of Rostechnadzor has legal effect and clarifies any issues related to the legality of the operation of equipment at the hazardous production facility.

This optimal solution is beneficial for the following reasons:

  1. Registration up to 5 days.
  2. The possibility of using the equipment at the hazardous production facility and launching the facilities.
  3. Minimum documents provided:
    • certificate of conformity;
    • operational documentation;
    • technical conditions.


There are two ways to get a refusal letter:

  1. The first gives the company the opportunity to do on its own. To do this, it is necessary to make a request, send it to Rostekhnadzor and wait for an official response (30 days plus delivery by mail). How useful and unambiguous it will be depends on the correct wording of the request.
  2. The second way is do it with the help of our company:
  • consulting on equipment issues;
  • collection of documentation and conclusion of the contract;
  • drawing up the layout of the exemption letter and its approval with the customer;
  • sending a request to Rostekhnadzor;
  • obtaining a document with a guarantee of an unambiguous interpretation of the permit for the use of the technical device;
  • delivery to the customer.


Prices are formed separately for each specific, as it depends on the technical characteristics of the equipment and the labor costs of specialists. In contrast to the preparation and execution of the request, which takes no more than 5 days, Rostechnadzor is given 30 calendar days for an official response.

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