TR CU 008/2011 On safety of toys

The Technical Regulation of the Customs Union TR CU 008/2011 applies to new (not used) toys for the customs territory of the Customs Union.
Designed to establish on the territory of the Customs Union mandatory requirements for the application and enforcement of toys and to ensure free movement of toys intended for the category of children under 14 years.


The Technical Regulation covers new toys for children under the age of 14, which are designed to ensure safety of:

  1. Materials used in the manufacturing
  2. Design features
  3. Impossibility of exemption for modifications of structure and material against a background of unchanged functionality and basic parameters

The technical regulation does not cover items, which are not considered as toys, are exhibition samples or are created on an individual order (slot machines, decorative dolls, sports equipment, etc.).


Quality and safety assessment of toys covered by TR CU 008/2011 is mandatory and performed in the form of EAC certification. Testing is carried out by accredited organizations registered in the TR Unified Register according to the schemes developed by the authorized representatives of the Customs Union and RusAccreditation.


  • 1c and 2c – for mass production of goods with testing and production assessment, as well as the presence of a certified quality management system in the second case (scheme 2c)
  • 3c – one time delivery (batch toy EAC certification)

The period of validity of the EAC Certificate of Conformity for Toys produced in series is not more than 5 years and for batch validity is not established.


Compliance with technical regulations is ensured by the application of standards. In order to regulate testing methods and sampling rules, a list of standards has been drawn up, including guidelines and recommendations including:

  • GOST 27178-93 defining ways of testing toys
  • GOST 25779-90 containing safety requirements and control methods
  • GOST R ISO 8124-2-2008 dealing with flammability of toys

The list contains sanitary and hygienic rules that establish permissible standards and hygienic safety requirements, as well as requirements for magnetic toys and suspended swings, which should be durable and protected from falling.

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