Exemption letter

An unlimited list of products can be indicated in the refusal letter. Only one legal entity can be the owner of such letter.

EAC Waiver is an official response to the fact that a type of product that was placed under the customs regime is not subject to confirmation of its compliance with various types of state standards, as well as technical regulations.

In the process of compiling such a letter to the relevant authority, the decisions of the management that regulate the import of this product should be taken into account, as also the entire list of products which mandatory certification is required legally approved.

The procedure for providing an explanatory paper to the customs authority is necessary in cases where mandatory certification under the HS code is required, but it is not necessary to confirm compliance with the OKP code.

The Federal Agency for Technical Regulation has identified a specific list of goods and products that are subject to import into the customs territory of the Russian Federation, and bypass the conformity assessment for individual quality standards.

This list includes:

  • products that have already been in operation;
  • products that are spare parts for finished products previously imported into the territory of Russia;
  • imported into the territory of Russia as samples, which are imported for testing;
  • products that will be used for commercial purposes.
  • goods that are intended to be used strictly for officials, in particular citizens of foreign countries and international organizations.

An exemption letter must be issued by special accredited agencies with technical regulation in the Russian Federation.

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