Pattern Approval Certificate of Measuring Instruments

Metrology Pattern Approval Certificate (MPA/PAC) approves that the certified measuring instrument meets all the requirements established for this type of measuring equipment, safety standards, has successfully passed both technical and measurement tests and is in the margin of error.

A measuring instrument is a tool (instrument) used to determine values whose units of measurement are used in the Russian Federation according to the established rules.

Measuring instruments must meet the established requirements and have certain performance of metrological and technical characteristics in order to be approved within the Russian territory. This correspondence establishes the metrological certificate.


Obtaining a Metrological Certificate (PAC) is mandatory for measuring instruments involved in:

  • Defense of the State;
  • Security;
  • Medicine;
  • Regulation of uniformity of measurements;
  • Cartography;
  • Geodesy;
  • other.


SERCONS with accreditation in the field of metrology provides services for certification of measuring instruments fast, efficiently and with a competitive price. We issue a Certificate of Approval based on the results of measurement tests conducted in our own and accredited testing laboratory.

Measurement instruments are thoroughly examined during the certification process to identify its measuring range and other metrological parameters. Measuring devices are checked for sensitivity and measures to determine the true value, errors etc.

Procedure for obtaining a Metrology Certificate:

  1. submission and consideration of an application;
  2. decision made by Rosstandart followed by notification of the applicant;
  3. testing process;
  4. certification of the quality system or production which depends on certification scheme;
  5. evaluation of the results and decision of the Rosstandart on the approval or rejection of the conformity document for the measuring instrument;
  6. registration of test materials;
  7. issuing a Certificate of Approval.

Metrological Certification recognizes the legitimacy of a new or existing measurement instrument. The document issued as a result of Metrological Certification allows you to use the measurement instruments for its intended purpose.


  • documents for Metrology Type Approval of Measuring Instrument
  • manual in Russian
  • measuring software data
  • form/Technical Passport
  • photos and brochures of the measuring device
  • preliminary test reports
  • on-site test reports
  • Certificate of Conformity copies (GOST R, EAC)
  • Declaration of Conformity copies

Depending on the measuring device, this list might be adjusted.

Validity period of the metrological approval certification is 5 years.

  1. Verification of measuring devices is a set of procedures carried out by bodies of State Metrological Services (The Federal Office for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart)) in order to determine and approve the conformity of metrological characteristics of the measuring devices with the specified requirements.
  2. Calibration of measuring devices is a set of procedures carried out to determine the true value of the measuring devices characteristics.

Verification and calibration procedures are regulated by the Law of the Russian Federation of 26 June 2008 N 102-FZ «On ensuring the unity of measurements» and several sub-decrees.
The term of «calibration» and «verification» is not very clearly delineated in the normative documentation. The verification procedure is carried out if the measuring devices are entered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments. If the measuring devices are not recorded in this register, they must be calibrated.

Mechanical Values
  • Weights for static weighing
  • Non-automatic scales
  • Weighing scales of continuous operation
Electro-magnetic quantities
  • AC power meters
  • current transformers
  • wattmeters and varmeters
  • power measuring transducers
  • ac ammeters
  • AC power measuring instruments
  • electric capacity meters
  • power quality indicators
Pressure measurements, flow parameters, flow rate, level, volume of substances
  • pressure gauges,
  • technical pressure gauges
  • pipetting metering devices
Testing laboratory for certification

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