Expertise of industrial safety

Industrial safety is a complex of various measures aimed at preventing and / or minimizing the consequences of accidents at the hazardous production facility (HPF).

In other words, industrial safety is the creation of conditions at the plant or at the hazardous production facility (HPF) when the risk of accidents is minimized. There is an action plan to prevent an emergency or accident with minimal human casualties.

Industrial safety and the plant are inextricably linked at all stages of the organization’s existence from the design and operation stage to the liquidation of the industrial plant. The company represented by its head, a chief engineer and people responsible for the operation of hazardous equipment are responsible for compliance with the industrial safety norms and rules.

Supervision by the state is assigned to the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision based on Federal Law No. 116-FZ of 21.07.1997 “On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities”, and other federal rules and regulations.

According to the main documents, Rostekhnadzor determines the compliance of the industrial plant and technical devices with federal standards and rules of industrial safety:

  • Rostechnadzor certificate of the hazardous production facility (HPF) registration is a priority document for an organization that begins to operate an industrial plant. The Rostechnadzor permit for application of technical devices is accompanied by accounting documents and information describing the hazardous production facility, which describes in detail the characteristics and composition of the object. Additionally, this document specifies the hazard class of the object. The certificate of the hazardous production facility registration does not allow the legal operation of the object, except the cases when the organization is assigned the 4th class of danger.
  • Rostechnadzor certificate authorizes the legal operation of a hazardous production facility and is issued by Rostechnadzor. It is not possible to get RTN permission for the 4th hazardous class.
  • Industrial safety declaration reflects possible hazardous situations and the scale of possible emergencies and their consequences, as well as declares the measures that have been developed in the industrial plant to ensure the required level of safety. It is issued for hazardous production facilities of hazard class 1 and 2. The declaration of industrial safety is subject to mandatory industrial safety expert examination. Without a positive expert opinion, the declaration is not valid.
  • The Regulation on Production Control establishes uniform industrial safety requirements for managers and specialists of the industrial plant. It is developed by the organization or by third parties. One copy must be given to Rostechnadzor.
  • Regulation on investigation of accidents and incidents regulates the conformity assessment procedure for finding out the causes and maintaining statistics on incidents and measures taken to eliminate the causes. It is developed by the organization or by an external party. Rostechnadzor gives permission for application of technical devices.
  • Certificate of industrial safety regulation permits employees to work at a hazardous production facility. The Director of Industrial Safety Regulations (A1) and the Chief Engineer are required to obtain a certificate according to the types of hazardous production facilities. Additionally, specialists who work at a hazardous production facility, in accordance with the hazardous production facilities at which they work, are subject to certification.

Regulatory framework

  • Federal Law no. 116-FZ of July 21, 1997 “On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities”
  • Order no. 306 of Rostechnadzor of July 15, 2013 “General requirements for safety substantiation of hazardous production facility”
  • Federal Law no. 184-FZ of December 27, 2002 “On technical regulations”
  • Decision of the Eurasian Customs Commission no. 621 of April, 7 2011 “On the application of standardized schemes in the conformity assessment procedures”
  • Rostechnadzor, Order №538 of November 14, 2013, and according to “Rostechnadzor Administrative Regulation on state service for maintenance of Register of industrial safety expertise conclusions”
  • The Federal law № 384-FZ “Technical regulations on the safety of constructions and buildings”
  • GOST R 53778-2010 “Constructions and buildings. The rules of the survey and monitoring of technical condition”

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