Certificate of the Russian Maritime and River Register of Shipping

Russian Maritime and River Register (RMRR) certification services are required by ship owners, shipbuilders and owners of seaports and river ports. The certificates of the Russian Maritime Register of Navigation (RMRN) and the Russian River Register (RRR) are issued for technical devices, products and materials used in the construction of vessels and floating establishments, which confirm their conformity with the requirements of the Register regulations, conventions, and recommendations.
The purpose of RMRR Certification is to maintain a high standard of safety in water transport and to exclude various kinds of breakdowns, accidents and other undesirable consequences.

Certificate types

The multifaceted activities of the Maritime Register cover a wide range of issues, from the classification and operation of ships to the implementation of international standards and regulations. Certification activities in RR systems are therefore not limited to ships and shipbuilding.
The Register provides many additional services aimed at increasing the reliability of materials, multi-stage calculations and much more.
Their implementation is accompanied by the issuance of various Certificates and Agreements. The Rules, Regulations and List of RRs regulate the types and forms of documents. Based on the results of the Register’s technical observation, documents are issued divided into several groups:

  1. C, C3 – for certain materials, products and groups
  2. STO – for types of materials, articles, their groups and technological processes
  3. CFI – Recognition by the Register of the Producing Enterprise
  4. CPF – Laboratory Competence Certification
  5. PO – Recognition by the Service Provider Register
  6. MTSP – Compliance of declared services with DC requirements

The documents confirm the compliance of the object of technical observation with the requirements of the RR and the Conventions. The main advantage is the independent evaluation of the experts, which increases the competitiveness of the customer.

Groups of equipment monitored by the Russian Maritime Register

  1. Life—saving equipment
  2. Supplies and equipment
  3. Signalling
  4. Radio equipment
  5. Navigation equipment
  6. Fire protection
  7. Mechanical installation
  8. Systems and pipelines
  9. Mechanisms and tools
  10. Boilers, heat exchangers and pressure receptacles
  11. Electrical devices
  12. Refrigeration units
  13. Materials
  14. Welding materials
  15. Lifting devices
  16. Automation
  17. Fibreglass vessels and boats
  18. Nuclear and ATO ships
  19. Equipment and devices for the prevention of pollution from vessels
  20. Certification of the Russian River Register

Areas where RMRR Certification is used

  • Sea and river vessels
  • Equipment, supplies and materials
  • Marine and river platforms
  • Ports
  • Steam boilers
  • Cables and wires
  • Marine power plants, weak equipment
  • Automation system
  • Sensors, alarms
  • Components, right down to bolts
  • Paints and varnishes
  • Building constructions
  • Fire extinguishing systems and extinguishers

Reasons for certification

  • Ensure the safety of human life at sea
  • Ensure safe navigation of vessels
  • Ensure the security of maritime and inland waterway transport of goods
  • Prevent environmental pollution

SERCONS performs a full range of measures to ensure that our Client receives without difficulty the documents of the Russian River Register or the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. Additionally we can assist you regarding the activities of these classification societies.
Within our group of companies there are a number of laboratories accredited by the (recognized) Russian River Register and the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping for the right to perform various tests.

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