Type approval of measuring instruments

Laboratory testing of measuring instrument is a mandatory procedure performed to confirm the metrological properties of the equipment specified by its manufacturer. Authorized specialists shall enter information about tests of measurement devices in the relevant state register.

Metrological centres that have passed accreditation have the right to perform examination for conformity of measuring instruments.

Before an examination of the sample, it is necessary to implement the conformity procedure:

  1. Examination program
  2. Description of the project
  3. Method of verification

Based on these documents, the metrological parameters of the device are tested. A metrology certificate is issued according to the results of the study (Pattern Approval Certificate of Measuring Instruments).

This document is valid:

  1. Within a 5-year period, if it is issued for serial production goods. It is possible to extend the validity of the metrology certificate up to 5 years without calibration testing.
  2. Without time limit, if it is issued for a single measuring instrument.


The purpose of these examinations is to confirm that the manufactured measurement devices meet the mandatory requirements. Metrological tests for approval of the measuring instruments are carried out to guarantee the unity of measurements.

The mandatory conformity rule applies to standard testing samples or metrological equipment used in the field of State Control for Measurement Uniformity Assurance.

The applicant for verification can be private entrepreneurs or legal entities involved in:

  1. Production release of measuring instruments
  2. Import of metrological, testing and analytical equipment to the Russian Federation
  3. Sale of metrological equipment in the Russian Federation
  4. Design of measurement devices
  5. Use of the products for measurements


Companies that have passed accreditation can test measuring instruments for approval. This procedure confirms the professionalism and competence of the organization’s specialists.

Qualified staff of the testing centre determine the calibration interval, accuracy indicators, and the method of samples examination. Significant factors such as the nature of production (serial or single) are involved in the research.

The authorized officials of Rosstandart make the final decision on the approval of the equipment. State authority issues a certificate based on the positive results of the examination.


The authorized officers of the testing centre will apply:

  • Standard programs agreed with the State Centre for Testing Measuring Instruments
  • The inventory of actions approved by the State Centre

The program may include the following procedures:

  1. Verification of the metrological parameters of submitted samples
  2. Validation of techniques for the application of measuring instruments

Order of the Industry and Trade Ministry of the Russian Federation No. 1081 provisions regulate the general test procedure.

According to this provision, each programme must include:

  • Confirmation of the metrological and technical characteristics of the equipment. Accuracy is expressed in units of values approved in the Russian Federation
  • Identification of the software. A study of the impact on the metrological characteristics of measurement device
  • Development and metrological testing of validation methodology
  • Calculation of the verification intervals
  • Examination of the testing sample design. Restrictions on access to certain parts of the equipment to prevent unauthorized adjustment to distort measurement results

For successful metrological tests of measurement devices, an applicant must submit a package of documents containing:

  1. Technical specifications draft
  2. Prospectus of the supplier company in Russian
  3. Operational documents in Russian
  4. Regulatory draft, containing the procedure for measuring instruments procedure
  5. Description of the measuring instrument with photos
  6. Organizational report
  7. Approved metrological test programme

The description of the measuring equipment always includes the following information:

  • Name of the measurement device
  • Type of metrological equipment
  • Descriptions of the operation principle, design, modifications, features, and used software
  • Metrological characteristics, including accuracy indicators, technical characteristics, identification data of the software, impact on metrological properties, the degree of software protection from unintentional changes
  • Place and manner of the approval mark application
  • Names and designations of methodology
  • List of standards
  • Data on measurement methodologies
  • Details of regulatory documents that establish requirements for the measurement device
  • Recommendations for the use of measuring equipment
  • Equipment manufacturer’s name and legal address

The cost of the required measuring tests for approving the type of measurement devices depends on the complexity of the object of study. Performers set the price based on special methods approved by the order of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.


The heads of organizations that order a measuring instrument approvals have some problems that they often encounter in everyday practice.

There are some of the topics:

  1. Expiration terms of the certificate. The certificate can be extended if no changes have been made to the design and properties of the measuring instrument. It is confirmed by the results of the design examination and technological documentation. Based on the results of the study of measurement device a conclusion is drawn up. Rosstandart may extend the validity of the certificate if there is a positive conclusion confirming the absence of changes affecting the characteristics of the measuring instrument
  2. Change of the manufacturer name in the certificate often occurs after a reorganization or renaming of the equipment producer. An application is submitted to Rosstandart for the provision of state services for the certificate renewal. Together with the application, authorized parties submit documents confirming the fact of organisation’s name changing. Officials will request the original certificate and a description of the type of measuring equipment. If a foreign manufacturing company submits the application, then a notarized document confirming the renaming is attached to it.
  3. The approval certificate of the measuring equipment type was lost. After the loss of the document, you must request a duplicate in writing.

It is possible to conduct tests for type approval in our centre. Qualified specialists with many years of experience carry out measuring instrument verification.

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