Fire Safety Certificate

Fire safety certificate is a special document which confirms compliance of goods or equipment with fire-fighting standards in accordance with the Federal Law of Russia № 123-FZ “Technical Regulations on Fire Safety Requirements”.
Within the territory of the Russian Federation, it is possible to get confirmation of compliance with Federal fire protection standards in forms of: mandatory certificate (required compliance with № 123-FZ) or voluntary certificate (not required).
If, according to the technical regulations, it is not necessary to confirm fire safety requirements for products, then a certification body has the right to issue an Exemption Letter, which officially confirms that there is no need for product certification.

What does fire protection certificate cover?

Obtaining a certificate is required if the product belongs to one of the groups in this list:

    • appliance equipment
    • means that themselves provide fire safety
    • any materials or equipment used in the construction industry for the finishing of evacuation rooms and exits, for finishing railroad cars or for railway transport
    • electrical appliances or devices
    • materials used for construction
        Obtaining a certificate of fire safety may be necessary for further certification (GOST standards or corresponding technical regulations).

List of documents required for issuing a certificate of fire safety

In the case of serial production:

        • Quality questionnaire filled out
        • Samples of product – for carrying tests
        • Existing catalogue of products or description of the goods
        • State Registration documents of the manufacturer and the applicant
        • Manuals for the tested products

If you need to get a certificate only for a single (one-time) delivery:

        • Copy of the contract between manufacturer and buyer
        • Sample
        • Manual (description)
        • State Registration documents of the manufacturer. It can also be data of the supplier’s representative

For foreign and domestic companies, the composition of the full package of documents that need to be submitted for obtaining a certificate of fire safety will be significantly different. All the details you can find out by contacting one of SERCONS.

The order of fire certification

According to the Technical Regulations, certification takes place in this order:

        1. Submission of the application and the required documents to the relevant body
        2. Selection and identification of items requiring certification
        3. Required tests to identify and determine the level of toxic substances during the combustion process, the degree of flammability, and the definition of the flammability group
        4. If necessary – site inspection/audit
        5. The registration of all reports provided by the procedure
        6. Issuance of Fire Safety Certificate
        7. If necessary – control of the approved group of goods

Prices and terms

The certification process can take from 5 days to 1 month. The deadline depends on the complexity of testing required for the certification and the number of required tests.
It is impossible to estimate completely for the entire cost of obtaining a certificate of fire safety. It consists of many factors. First, you need to choose a certification scheme, and determine the reason that the product is requiring certification. Additionally, one of the most expensive items is the actual testing itself. However due to our own laboratory trough SERCONS, we can keep the prices reasonable for this procedure.
That is why many manufacturers that are our customers, even if the goods they produce are not subject to mandatory certification, prefer to undergo all necessary tests and expertise voluntarily. When the products already have an appropriate report, where all test results are prescribed, it is no longer necessary to repeat the procedure. Another item that may affect the final price of fire certification is the validity of the document itself (1-5 years), as well as the specifics of the process to issue the certificate.

Accreditation certificate as certification body and testing laboratory

It is important to know that only accredited organizations that have all the relevant permits can issue fire safety certificates, as well as confirm their compliance.
We have our own specialized laboratory, designed to conduct tests of various classes. The laboratory has all the necessary modern high-level equipment and our staff are accredited specialists in the field of fire safety.

Testing laboratory for certification

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