On July 16, on the legal portal of the EAEU, the Decision of the EEC Board No. 86 dated July 13, 2021 was published. It approved the updated lists of standards for the technical regulation TR CU 016/2011 “On safety of devices operating on gaseous fuel”. 

The new lists will be applied from 01/12/2022. It should be noted that the number of standards in the new editions of the lists has increased. There is going to be 125 standards to comply with the requirements of technical regulations for products instead of 96. 122 standards for product testing methods instead of 94. 

Some standards have time limits for their application. For example, GOST EN 625-2013 for central heating boilers can be applied starting from April 2022, and GOST 20219-74 for domestic heating devices with a water circuit will only be valid until December 2022. With this in mind, its analogue GOST 20219-93 has already been added to the list. 

For user’s convenience, standards in the new editions have the same structure. In both lists, there are three main product groups, which are covered by TR CU 016/2011. The first one is the gas-using equipment itself, the second one is automatic block burners and the third one is devices built into the equipment. Within each group, the types of products are arranged in the same order as in the list of regulated products from Appendix 1 to TR CU 016/2011.