On May 25, the Heads of State of the Eurasian Economic Union approved Decision N 5, “On changing annex N 1 to the Regulation of ECC’s operation.”

The Decision imposes the development of new rules for issuing import and export licenses in the EAEU.

New rules will concern goods that measures of non-tariff regulation apply to. Importing these products to the EAEU is restricted and limited due to their hazardous status or high value.

Non-tariff measures apply to the products:

  • ozone-depleting substances
  • pesticides
  • hazardous waste
  • wild animals and plants
  • fossil remains of organisms
  • precious stones and metals
  • drugs, medicines, and psychotropic substances
  • poisons
  • human organs, blood, and other forms of human biomaterial
  • weaponry
  • others

New licensing order also establishes the digitalization of import licenses for the goods mentioned above.