From May to September 2021, an experiment is being conducted on labelling dietary supplements with a QR code. Manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers may choose to participate in the experiment. This requires installing the necessary equipment, implementing EDM and testing the use of the Data Matrix. If the experiment is successful it will make adaption of new requirements easier in the future and the digital labelling of dietary supplements might become mandatory.

Nutritional supplements are specific products, that is why a lot of attention has been paid to the requirements for them lately. They have their own characteristics even in comparison with medicine or food, therefore it is planned to develop detailed guidelines for manufacturers and sellers.

An experiment with QR codes is carried out in order to develop rules for the circulation of products on the market. Interested parties are provided with explanations on the digital marking procedure, consultations on software installation and use of equipment for transferring information to the “Honest Sign” information system. Digital marking should help increase the competitiveness of products, inspire confidence in the product among buyers, and help clear the market from low-quality products and counterfeit products.

In 2020, similar experiments were carried out with other types of products. The results were considered successful and digital labelling is now mandatory for perfumes, medicines, tobacco products, cameras and car tires.

This year, it is planned to introduce digital labelling for certain groups of dairy products and light industry products. As an experiment, they want to propose labelling bottled drinking water and beer.