The most adrenaline-filled ZIPLINE rides will now be tested in a new way thanks to a unique device that has appeared at the disposal of our PromMash Test laboratory.

PromMash Test experts have repeatedly tested these dizzying rides. For example, ziplines in Krasnaya Polyana and in Moscow on Sparrow Hills. Previously, these tests required the indispensable presence of a test engineer on the ropes.

PromMash Test purchased a one-of-a-kind device – an Intros steel rope flaw detector with a self-propelled device. It is with the help of flaw detectors that the condition of the ropes on the rides is determined, where the ropes are used as load-bearing elements. And this, in addition to ziplines, is also a giant swing, trolleys – one of the most high-tech attractions.

According to the expert of PromMash Test, the new flaw detector uses a magnetic type of control. The rope is magnetized, and then the sensors register the redistribution of the magnetic flux in the event of a local defect or a change in the cross-sectional area. But the most important thing is that modern flaw detectors involve human participation. And the one that is now used in ProMash Test is not.

When you hang over an abyss, and 200 meters below you, the feelings, of course, are contradictory. Adrenaline surges. As a rule, the tester moves along a rope, often over an abyss, and pulls a flaw detector along with him. A self-propelled device eliminates this risky need. In addition, now it is possible to get to such sections of the steel rope, where the tester simply cannot physically carry out the control.”

The testing laboratory “Amusement rides and lifting structures” of the Testing Center LLC “PROMMASH TEST” is a modern high-tech laboratory that uses high-tech equipment in its activities and the purchase of an Intros steel rope flaw detector with a self-propelled device confirms that we are keeping up with the times.

Now, when the supervision of the technical condition of attractions is tightened every year, and regular checks are becoming more frequent, PromMash Test offers the best solutions for controlling the safety of attractions.