TR CU 012/2011

The Ex-Proof Equipment Certification (Explosion Protection Certificate)

Registration of a mandatory certificate TR СU 012/2011 on safety of equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres according to the technical regulations, is required to obtain when it is needed to manufacture, export and sell ex-proof equipment products within the EEU territory:

  • Electrical and non-electrical equipment for operation explosive atmospheres
  • Ex-components

Explosion-proof equipment refers to its electrical and non-electrical varieties manufactured for use in underground mines with high levels of gas and dust, as well as in confined spaces with the risk of explosive gas or dust mixtures.

Construction and identification differences of safety equipment for operation explosive atmospheres are noted on the equipment with marking and explosion protection means.


Explosion-proof equipment is divided into several groups according to the technical regulations based on its purpose:

  • underground mines with aboveground structures by dangerous levels of mine gases and combustible dust
  • explosive closed spaces and outdoor installations
  • dust environments with high explosive risks

There is also a division according to the level of explosion protection:

  • “Extra-explosion-proof” – ultra-high-security equipment that remains operational even in the event of possible failures
  • “Explosion-proof” – equipment for operation explosive atmospheres of groups 1 and 3 that functions normally even with a single damage
  • “Enhanced” – increased explosion protection, assumes equipment of groups 1 and 3, that operates only in normal mode

! Marking indicates characteristics – levels and types of explosion protection used, groups of explosive atmospheres for operation explosive atmospheres and temperature class – that are being investigated during the compliance certification process with the requirements of TR CU 012/2011


To issue an Explosion proof EAC certificate for an equipment, it is needed to contact the competent EAC certification body with the appropriate accreditation to:

  • Submit an application
  • Prepare a set of basic documentation
  • After the decision is made, the test samples are selected for identification and testing in a laboratory with Rosstandart accreditation
  • In case serial supplies, it is conducted the manufacturing assessment of the production.

List of required documentation subject to full compliance verification:

  • Technical specifications
  • Operating instructions manual
  • Equipment’s technical passport
  • Explosion protection drawings, electrical and intrinsically-safe circuits diagrams
  • Nameplate draft project
  • Level of ignition risk according to GOST 31441.1
  • All available authorization document

TR CU 012/2011 ready-made conformity EAC certificate of compliance is issued when conducted all successful implementation measures. The details of the EAC Certificate are entered in the Unified register of the customs Union, hosted on the website of the Federal service for accreditation.


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