“CertPromBezopasnost” industrial safety Certificate (RTN)

”CertPromBezopasnost” industrial safety Certificate (RTN)

It is well-known that previously confirmation of conformity with established specifications regarding industrial safety of equipment required a special permission for use issued by the Federal Service for Industrial, Environmental and Nuclear Supervision of the Russian Federation (Rostekhnadzor), which, in the course of testing, provided a comprehensive proof of the employer’s right to use equipment particularly at hazardous production facilities.

On March the fourth of the year two thousand and thirteen, the Russian Federation President signed Federal Law No. 22-FZ “On making amendments to the Federal Law “On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities” and other legislative acts of the Russian Federation”.

The above law came into force on March the fifteenth of the year two thousand and thirteen. Under the law, the permission for use that was previously issued by the Federal Service will be replaced with certification of conformity with requirements of technical regulations or industrial safety rules, which must be met if the equipment is beyond the scope of effect of technical regulations.

In view of this reform of technical regulation in Russia, today, in most cases, instead of official approvals, a certificate of conformity with requirements of technical regulations is issued. Yet, sometimes the certificate in question is not always able to prove that the equipment in operation as well as industrial safety requirements imposed, will be able to safely operate at hazardous production facilities.


How to confirm conformity with industrial safety requirements?

Certification with “CertPromBezopasnost” is the key alternative for solving the problem of permission for use issued by Rostekhnadzor through voluntary certification of conformity with stated industrial safety requirements of equipment so that a permission could be obtained for its further safe use at hazardous production facilities. Today, this problem may also be solved with a procedure of voluntary certification in the field of environmental safety, as well as industrial one.

The ”CertPromBezopasnost” industrial safety certificate will enable:

  • To obtain an official document confirming conformity of industrial equipment with requirements for your safety and reputation with a support from industrial safety expert organizations;
  • To confirm the possibility of safe operation of equipment and installations at hazardous production facilities;
  • To ensure the company’s credibility with organizations working in the field of industrial safety;
  • To pass checks of supervisory bodies;
  • To promote the competitiveness of the company’s products.
  • To gain a clear advantage at participation in tenders;
  • To carry out deliveries of equipment for major industrial enterprises;
  • To increase the company’s profit.

List of documents required for registration of the certificate:

  1. Application for certification;
  2. Technical specifications, any kinds of assembly drawings and certificates;
  3. Testing equipment;
  4. The overall duration of the certification period is about four weeks.

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